Pole Dance

Acrobatic fun

Some Information About Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is an iconic acrobatic fun workout to sculpt, lean and tone the entire body. Pole & aerial classes are designed for everyone, from beginners to pro.
A safe and feel-good environment for all to train and have fun!

We teach all levels of pole dancing, from Beginners to Super Advanced. On every 6 week course youu2019ll learn a whole variety of the pole dancing tricks and spins appropriate for your level. Youu2019ll get fitter, stronger and have loads of fun. Pole can get quite addictive! People love the combination of strength, agility and challenge you experience as you learn increasingly more impressive moves.

This is for people whou2019ve never pole danced before whether youu2019re someone who hasnu2019t done any exercise for years or a fitness fanatic. After 6 weeks you will notice a real difference in your strength and will be chuffed at how much youu2019re able to do on the pole.

Having completed the beginners course most people want to carry on and learn more. Pole dancing can be very addictive! The intermediate course is a continuation from the beginners. With the strength you will have built up from pole dancing before, youu2019ll be ready to start inverting and learning more of the climbing moves.


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28 Aug 2019


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